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Compliance: Research Compliance Office

5319 Rockhill Road

Research Protection helps UMKC faculty and staff navigate the complex federal and state compliance regulations, including research protections as it relates to animal subjects, human participants, and biohazardous materials research.

Chris Winders, Director of Research Compliance
(816) 235-5370

Questions about Human Participants/IRB

Rebekah Lee, IRB Compliance Officer
(816) 235-6150

Crystal Simonis, IRB Compliance Officer
(816) 235-1358

Bailey Walton, IRB Compliance Officer
(816) 235-1764

(816) 235-5927

Questions about Animal Subjects/IACUC, Biosafety/IBC, or Radiation Safety/RSC

Lori Reierson, IACUC/IBC/RSC Compliance Officer
(816) 235-5929

Jodi Troup, LARC Manager
(816) 235-5669
Animal Care and Use
Radiation Safety