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MyVITA Change Request

The University of Missouri uses myVITA, a web-based faculty activity reporting system, to provide faculty members at all four campuses with an easy way to capture their research, teaching, service, scholarship and creative works in one place. It replaces the Faculty Accomplishment System (FAS), and is easier to use, more flexible, and more powerful.

If you find incorrect data on the automatic feed portion of the Grants section, we will be happy to help you in reviewing and correcting the data.  In order to expedite your request, please complete the following (fill out as much information as possible to help us pull the appropriate file):

If possible, please upload a .pdf of document you are requesting to change

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Your file will be pulled and the appropriate Pre-Award Administrator will respond to your inquiry.  Please note that requests to change Shared Credit or Effort or to add a new role to the project requires prior approval from department administrators.  Please work with your Pre-Award Administrators to process. 

Additional training is available at: