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Research Compliance Training Resources

As a UMKC faculty, student or staff member involved in the conduct of research, you may be required or requested to take compliance training for a variety of reasons (e.g., federal requirements) and on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Subject/Animal protection (e.g., human subjects protections, animal handling, etc.)
  • Research safety (e.g., working with blood-borne pathogens, radiation, biohazards, etc.) 
  • Responsible conduct of research (e.g., authorship, mentoring, conflicts of interest, data collection & dissemination, etc.)

To Register with CITI and affiliate with UMKC

  1. Click Register
  2. Select your Organization
    • University of Missouri - Kansas City
      • Complete the requested information
  3. Once Registration is complete and you are on the CITI Homepage showing University of Missouri – Kansas City Courses scroll to the bottom to “Add a Course”
  4. From there you will be able to select any of the courses under the UMKC membership


Basic Requirements

(More courses may be necessary based upon your research.  Additional information can be found on each committees page)


  • Group 2 - Researchers (Working with the IACUC)
  • Working with mice in a research setting
  • Working with Rats in a research setting
  • Working with Rabbits in a research setting


  • Basic Introduction to Biosafety
  • Training for Investigators, Staff and Students Handling Biohazards


  • Group 1 - Biomedical Investigator (UMKC and TMC)
  • Group 2 - Social and Behavioral Investigator