Research & Economic Development

Office of the Vice Chancellor

Request a Congruency Review

To request a Congruency Review submit a Congruency Request Form to  

As noted on the form you will need to supply the IACUC with the following grant application sections:
  • Vertebrate Animals Section
  • Grant Research Strategy Section
To expedite the review process your are encouraged to draw the IACUCs attention to the specific grant application sections that pertain to the particular IACUC application.  

The items we look at during our review include but are not limited to: 

  • General scope of work - disease area, target organs, and/or biological target being studied, etc.
  • Species – sex, age, numbers, strains, potential clinical issues, breeding, etc.
  • General procedures including administration of agents, blood/tissue collection, antibody generation, imaging, behavioral studies, etc.
  • Experimental and therapeutic agents.
  • Surgical procedures.
  • Euthanasia method.
  • Death as an endpoint – any procedures that suggest death as an endpoint (USDA pain category E) or survival curves generated (Note:  if a modification to the protocol is required to cover death as an endpoint studies, that modification must be reviewed by the full IACUC committee at a monthly IACUC meeting).
  • Personnel conducting animal work.