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As President Choi has communicated, UM System and each campus maintains a focus of identifying and building on operational efficiencies.  One such area is found in the operational costs of electronic submission systems for the committees supported by the UMKC Research Compliance Office.  In 2015, developers and IRB staff at MU created a smart form IRB application, eCompliance, and over the past year UMKC IRB staff have been working to customize that system to meet the needs of UMKC researchers submitting to the IRB.

On June 1, UMKC will transition from eProtocol to eCompliance for IRB applications, meaning that eProtocol will no longer be accessible for new applications (but will remain active until August 1st for current applications already in various review stages).

The IRB staff has already initiated training for IRB members and over the next month will offer training sessions on the use of eCompliance for researchers.  Initial feedback has been that the system is easy to use and similar in overall application process to what is currently experience through eProtocol.

Anticipated Questions:

Q:          Submitting for Continuing Review before August 1?

A:         Submitting for Continuing Review between now and August 1 will need to be done in eCompliance.  It is actually the most opportune time to transfer your protocol.  Because your protocol is not currently in eCompliance you will be submitting a new application in that system.

You may be able to copy and paste (from eProtocol to eCompliance) large sections of your application.  To ensure the review process recognizes this as a continuing review (not initial review) please place  your current IRB # in the title of the new application.

Q:          What happens to applications I currently have in eProtocol?

A:          eProtocol will remain active for those applications until August 1, 2019 to allow for those applications to complete the submission/review process.

Q:          How will I access the system?

A:          eCompliance is accessible by all UM system employees through their SSO

Q:          How do I access the system if I am not a University employee with a University provided SSO?

A:          The IRB staff can add you as a New External User by entering your name and email address.  You will then receive an email with a link to set a password.

Q:          What happens to all the application data currently in eProtocol?    

A:          Click on "Create an account" from the eCompliance home page and enter the required information.

Q:          How will I close my study once eProtocol is no longer active and eCompliance is in effect?

A:          This is a good question and one for which we are currently weighing available options. 

Q:          How will I submit an Amendment or for Continuing Review in eCompliance when my original approval was in eProtocol?

A:          These are one of the logistics we are still working through but with access to all historical information from the protocol in eProtocol it is expected that you will be able to cut and paste information into eCompliance.

Q:          If my study was approved in eProtocol prior to the conversion to eCompliance, how do I keep track of my study’s expiration date?

A:          This is a complex answer:

  • For all full board studies the IRB office will identify the expiration date for the protocol and create an outlook reminder for the study.
  • For expedited studies approved prior to January 21, 2019
    • In a fashion similar to full board studies, the IRB staff will identify the expiration date and create an outlook reminder for the study.
  • For expedited studies approved after January 21, 2019
    • As the new Common Rule regulations do not require continuing review for studies approved under one of the expedited review categories you will not need to submit for continuing review.

To Note:          Although we will do our best to assist in the process of recognizing the expiration date, it is the ultimate responsibility of the Principal Investigator to submit for continuing review prior to expiration.

Q:          If I plan to close my study before my next expiration date, do I need to act in either eProtocol or eCompliance?

A:          You would be able to close your study in eProtocol if it is prior to August 1st.  If it is after August 1st, the study would need to be converted over to eCompliance and then closed in that system.

Q:          What are the major differences between the two systems?

A:          More than anything, formatting/appearance.  The eCompliance system is broken into more application types so chooses an application more specific to the type of activity will be a change (and benefit).  Questions on IRB applications are routinely comparable as they all have to meet the federal requirements for approval so the language used/questions asked will be a little different than those currently in eProtocol.   eCompliance is more of a smart form than eProtocol and thus will be found to be more user friendly.