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UMKC IRB Metrics

The UMKC Office of Research Compliance will be providing IRB metrics information on annual basis.  This is in an effort to better provide the UMKC research community with an inside look at the Institutional Review Board process.  Information can be found on a variety of topics on this page.  Content will include, but not limited to, IRB processing times, total number of applications reviews, and types of application reviews. 

Stages of projects at UMKC?

An active project is a project that is considered "open".  The eProtocol IRB system currently recognizes the following stages in the life of a project: 

  • Pending – A project has been submitted to the Human Subjects Office (HSO) and is currently under review by the IRB.  It has not received a formal IRB determination or IRB approval. 
  • Withdrawn - A project that was withdrawn from the IRB system prior to IRB approval.
  • Disapproved - A project which was reviewed by the IRB and not granted IRB approval. 
  • Open - A project that has obtained IRB review and approval. Research related activities can begin or are underway. 
  • Closed - A project status which indicates all research related activities have ended. 

Projects can be categorized in one of four ways:  

  1. Not Human Subjects Research 
  2. Exempt review
  3. Expedited review
  4. Full Board review

IRB Review Process Flow Chart

2018 Turn Around Time Report
2017 Turn-Around Time Report

2016 Turn-Around Time Report

2015 Turn-Around

2014 Turn-Around